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Do you ever get to that point of your life of complete restlessness?

I hit that point Fall of 2015. Everything was going relatively well, but things were moving in a direction that I had not envisioned.

Like some of you, I had gotten to the point where a vision of mine was burning so deeply that I could barely move. I woke up, lived the day, and when night came, I stayed awake for hours dreaming up this vision.

Eventually, that restlessness brought me into a new landscape. Yet, when freedom became mine to pursue my vision I felt like I couldn't move. I'm not sure what it was... pain, fear, or doubt... but I simply felt like I couldn't move. I spent some serious time tackling the vision from all sorts of angles just never directly.

After some continued work, dreaming, praying and counsel from friends, I finally took the step to live this vision out. Am I afraid? Yes! Of course! If I wasn't afraid, it wouldn't be much of a vision would it?

A vision is beautiful because there is something about it that allows us to see that we were made for something. Although our competency may not line up, the vision persuades us to move forward. We get to a place where we finally allow our confidence to stir up enough to begin to plan how to live the vision out.

Well I got to that place and now here I am, adding color strokes to my vision. Yes, it took me some time to get started, but hey I did and it the waiting helped.

The journey was filled with ups and downs. Trials and errors, but it built my knowledge and willingness to dare. I encountered people along this path that I believe were purposely placed in my life just at the right time. People who have poured into me, have helped me see the vision for what it is and have encouraged me to make it a reality.

Wherever you might be in your journey of vision exploration, day dreaming and big leaps, stay focused. At the end of the day, the vision will always be there. The only thing against you is YOU, not time. There is no clock that says if the vision isn't started today, tomorrow or soon, that the dream will be lost. No, quite the opposite. The clock is there to give you time to continue praying, learning and falling deeper in love with that vision.

Enjoy the time. Enjoy the wait. Enjoy the ability to dream.