December 14, 2016


9/10/2015 (when this piece was written) 


Do you every find yourself stressed at work or home as you prepare for a big event, project, or timeline?  Most likely your answer is yes!  You work hard to ensure that the result of your efforts clearly demonstrate your vision and passion in a captivating way. 

Recently my team and I have found ourselves in a season of high peak exertion.  We have been working tirelessly to prepare and execute what we hope will be a near flawless Fall Launch.  Now I find us on the week before launch and realize that we could do things differently to be even more effective. 

What if every day we exerted just even a portion of this energy so that no matter what comes down the path, we are ready for it.

I believe every moment is an opportunity to cast vision and create positive life change.  If we maintained this kind of laser sharp focus and boldness each day, we would be prepared for life's uncontrollable circumstances and demands.  Greatness would be a result of creating a process, putting the right level of pressure on ourselves, mapping out a plan, ultimately so that when life happens...  we can be a little better prepared. 

"Every moment is an opportunity to cast vision and creative positive life change."
- danius williams 

Take - Away:
1. Process
Big vision is possible all the time, not just when life demands it, with the right process.

2. Pressure
Our natural instinct is to resist change, but if willing... the tension that change creates will not just lead into greater tomorrows, but it requires us to grow therefore making us greater servants for God.

3. Prepare
This progression not only allows us to grow and gain influence for God, it gives us the ability to prepare for the next step

4. Plan
Is not necessarily having a detailed agenda, it is having a framework to live by so that vision sticks and people have a positive life change as a result of our efforts

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I hope you have gained insight into what we do, why we do it, and how we can begin fostering the results you're dreaming of. 

Columbus, OH

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